Full Circle – Short Film

Inspired from the rising amounts homeless people in Brighton, every year I would visit from University. It was painful to watch that the future seems worse than past for the majority. I started to think about how it starts, being […]

Natalie Oliveri @ ComedyClub

From my time working with Alternative Videos, I was regularly operating one of the cameras at their live music productions. This particular one was set at the Comedy Club in London, filming Natalie Oliveri. I responsible for manning the wide […]

Pitch – Full Circle

Pitching is important to film when trying to secure funding, bringing in high profile talent and to strike distribution deals. For my graduate film this was no different. I was required to pitch my film idea to the students of […]

Hello Tomorrow

My cousin who works for emirates send me some information about the Emirates Film Festival in 2013. Films were set to be screened in the winter and I was told about the festival in the summer. Catching me by surprise, […]

Stay Fresh

Motions graphics has is been an important part of film, since the introduction of computers within filmmaking. Before this special effects where created using props and camera tricks. In my first year at University, one task focused on motion graphics. […]

Tesco Mobile Advert

Advertisement is an important part of selling a product, be it a film or a product. Trailers play the role of showing the plot to potential audiences. For another task at University, I was set to make an advert. With […]

The Clerks – Re-creation

A lot of effort and attention to detail is put into films and for this task at University, we were set to recreate a scene in a film. As the Producer for this project, I had my team meet in […]

Ron Paul – Campaign Video

At the time of the 2012 presidential election, in the United State of America. I worked with long time collaborator Torstien Jacobsen, on a campaign video for the Republican representative Ron Paul. This was for a campaign documentary project at […]

Waiting & Wait – Observational Documentary

During the documentary term of my first year at University, I partnered with Sam Medes to create two short observational documentaries. Originally we were to shoot the public dealing with the snowy weather conditions but when we got together the […]

Natural & Artificial Lighting

For our lighting workshop at University, in groups we were asking to work with natural and artificial lighting. For this I came up with the idea of shooting a poker game, where it begins with natural lighting during a game […]