Hello Tomorrow

My cousin who works for emirates send me some information about the Emirates Film Festival in 2013. Films were set to be screened in the winter and I was told about the festival in the summer.

Catching me by surprise, I didn’t have any in development. I decided to create a new idea, on the catch phrase of the company at the time ‘Hello Tomorrow’.

My idea was arranged around escapism. Holidays are generally considered, as getting away from your life situation and just enjoying yourself.

Business woman Samatha is becoming stressed in her daily life and is in need of a holiday. She is loosing her concentration and tries desperately to have some time to herself.

When she does get a moment alone, she daydreams about getting away and going on holiday. You can never be certain of tomorrow and it will not always be promised, so saying hello to tomorrow is important to cease the day, when your subconscious is crying out for it.

Check out the short film below.

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