Natalie Oliveri @ ComedyClub

From my time working with Alternative Videos, I was regularly operating one of the cameras at their live music productions.

This particular one was set at the Comedy Club in London, filming Natalie Oliveri. I responsible for manning the wide shot in a three camera set-up, providing a safe cut away for the cameras on the side capturing close ups for the performers.

Responsible for both filming and editing this show, the two songs I decided to put together was Paris Love and Samba Japa. Both songs I figured had a lot of colour involved, Paris having red, white and blue, resembling their flag. Samba originating from Brazil, to me has a green and yellow colour palette.

Using this colour theme, I tinted the footage to simulate lighting effects at the venue and for the most part it does give a unique look to each song of performance.

Check out the video below.

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