Just when my action cams arrived in the post, I was playing through the menus and my neighbour knocks on the door. He came to warn me that he’s setting fire to some trees he chopped in the summer. Perfect […]

Homeless Bill of Rights Launch in Brighton

Homelessness is a growing concern in Britain at the moment and the rate of rough sleepers is increasing yearly. Since my graduate film Full Circle, which was based loosely on homelessness, the issue has grown from an rise to a […]

Text Offerings

Upon experimenting with Motion Graphics I discovered layer styles and how that to be applied to text. Using each layer style and combining it with a text effect, I created some simple animations that I could use in the future […]

Proud Valley Introduction

Taking my camera out to capture some shots of Cardiff city, I was planning to go to a screening of The Proud Valley in the evening. The Proud Valley stars Paul Robeson, who is being celebrated as part of the […]

Motion Graphics Showreel

Continuing on from creating the opening title sequence to my graduate film Full Circle, I wanted to learn more about Motion Graphics, so I sought various online tutorials to create a set of new idents. Some tutorials provided materials to […]

Coffee Affair

During the filming of ‘I=phone’, a short film about the over reliance on mobile phone technology to decide what to wear, what to say, where to go and how to do other basic human functions. At the scene where the […]

GCS Dinner & Dance 2015

At the end of 2015 I got my own camera, a entry level DSLR and it was at the same time of the Gujarati Cultural Society’s Dinner & Dance. I decided to take my camera along and create a little […]

Ju-Jitsu Compilation – Younis Nabi

Experienced competitor and teacher at Elements Martial Arts Centre and other venues across Sussex. Rapidly progressing through his belts, he needed a compilation of his matches, so that he can attract sponsors. Majority of the shots where captured by other […]

Love What You Do

Set as a creative brief for a remarking company, they asked me a range of questions and asked me to answer them within a video. Due to the nature of the questions, I decided to find some royalty free footage […]

Don’t Move A Muscle

My friend Indican Sound helped me on my graduate film and I felt I owed him one for pulling out the stops at short notice. He released a new EP a few months later, ‘A Fine Time To Be’ and […]