Love What You Do

Set as a creative brief for a remarking company, they asked me a range of questions and asked me to answer them within a video.

Due to the nature of the questions, I decided to find some royalty free footage of people at work. I then stumbled upon footage from a 70’s record shop, which I though was different and being shot on film gave it a retro style.

To reinforce this time period I chose music that was age appropriate, Work To Do by the Isley Brothers. The lyrics go along with the theme of the video and it has a nice cheery vibe to keep it flowing.

For the text I used a font style that could resemble the disco music period and degraded it so that it meshed with the footage.

Using the text to display the question and then answering the question in context to the visual behind, like this still above. This woman has selected a bunch of records to purchase, because she values them. When I am valued, that is when I love what I do.

Check out the video below.

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