Motion Graphics Showreel

Continuing on from creating the opening title sequence to my graduate film Full Circle, I wanted to learn more about Motion Graphics, so I sought various online tutorials to create a set of new idents.

Some tutorials provided materials to be used and adapted, like the figure above but the background was something I found to fit with the movement. I was going for a Wizard of Oz, yellow brick road theme, to match the Tin Man like model. The background was colour graded so that it looks more like pastel, giving off the impression of arts and crafts. Discerning viewers could spot my logo on a rock in the background, it is the same colour as the grass to resemble a moss formation.

The final clip is of a boat drifting out at sea, the waves and clouds are animated. It came out looking good, with the suns reflection and lens flare adding more realism.

The video as a whole features a powerful dance track that gives the showreel some energy and rhythm, meshing all the different animations together well.

I hope to make more idents and animations in the future, pushing my motion graphics skills further. Watch this space but for now watch this.

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