Just when my action cams arrived in the post, I was playing through the menus and my neighbour knocks on the door. He came to warn me that he’s setting fire to some trees he chopped in the summer. Perfect […]

Text Offerings

Upon experimenting with Motion Graphics I discovered layer styles and how that to be applied to text. Using each layer style and combining it with a text effect, I created some simple animations that I could use in the future […]

Motion Graphics Showreel

Continuing on from creating the opening title sequence to my graduate film Full Circle, I wanted to learn more about Motion Graphics, so I sought various online tutorials to create a set of new idents. Some tutorials provided materials to […]

Love What You Do

Set as a creative brief for a remarking company, they asked me a range of questions and asked me to answer them within a video. Due to the nature of the questions, I decided to find some royalty free footage […]