Tesco Mobile Advert

Advertisement is an important part of selling a product, be it a film or a product. Trailers play the role of showing the plot to potential audiences. For another task at University, I was set to make an advert. With […]

The Clerks – Re-creation

A lot of effort and attention to detail is put into films and for this task at University, we were set to recreate a scene in a film. As the Producer for this project, I had my team meet in […]

Ron Paul – Campaign Video

At the time of the 2012 presidential election, in the United State of America. I worked with long time collaborator Torstien Jacobsen, on a campaign video for the Republican representative Ron Paul. This was for a campaign documentary project at […]

Waiting & Wait – Observational Documentary

During the documentary term of my first year at University, I partnered with Sam Medes to create two short observational documentaries. Originally we were to shoot the public dealing with the snowy weather conditions but when we got together the […]