For a module on sound, I was set the task to shoot interviews with a group, to find out something we didn’t know about each other.

For the life of me, I couldn’t remember a specific role I did within the group, besides acquiring the location, being interviewed and lending a bit of technical advice.

A quote from my Uni Blog mentions this:

This week we have been given the task to conduct interviews with each other in a professional and realistic manner. The key focus was to record clear audio using the range of microphones available to us at University (Tie, Radio and Shotgun). We also have to stick to the conventional framing and interviewee/interviewer placement as the professionals utilise.

Initially it was difficult to start filming as we couldn’t find a quiet, secure room but i managed to sweet talk a second year tutor (Magnus) into letting us use his class room before his lesson.

There was a lot of tension initially as the production roles were new to people it was hard to get going. Majority of group weren’t used to the equipment so we spent quite a while to begin filming. When i tried to help i usually got shut down so i just sat back and let our work suffer to get the work to the lecturer or we might not have anything to sh

This doesn’t sound great, here is my review after submitting it to my tutor:

Today as expected we got slaughtered by our tutor. I couldn’t really come up with any excuses as i knew how bad our work was, he mentioned a problem with the camera movements which is a “no no” in interview scenarios and issues about framing.

The sound was fine for the first interview with Diana but on my interview you can here a hum from the machines located in the room.

I’ve had practice doing professional interviews with a company at college before I came to university, so i didn’t learn anything new with the technical side of things but I learned a little about the people in my group and their skill levels.

Check out the video below.

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